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Name:Everyone who matters is here
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Community description:Almost everyone who matters joins this community ...
This all started on LJ and seemed like a good idea for here too! If you have found this place (and blame [ profile] sarcaustik for starting it all off although [personal profile] vampwillow created it there and here) then you count as someone who matters ...

Even if you have nothing to do with her, or with anyone else who is already a member, you count ...

And there is no obligation to post here, or do anything really ... it just seemed like a fun idea to see if an unplanned community would collect odd people at random ;-)

It did on LJ ... and some, I can tell you, are *very* odd people indeed .. and I hope it will here too!

btw, [community profile] nearly_everyone is available to *everyone on DW* whenever they need to refer to any group of DWers. It does not - necessarily - mean the particular members of this DW community, indeed it is very unlikely to do so!

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